Happiness Affirmation Candle - Coconut, Papaya and Mango
Peace Affirmation Candle - Lemongrass, Lime and Sweet Orange
Love Affirmation Candle - Peony & Lychee

Calm your soul and evoke serenity with our By Charlotte candles. Delicately hand poured with love on the south coast of Australia our 100% soy candles are long burning and heavenly scented.

Let our candles awaken your dreams and inspire serenity of the mind, body and soul. Allow the complications of the world melt away as you settle into a tranquil atmosphere of heavenly energy. By Charlotte soy candles, Australian crafted and inspired by the serene, are the perfect way to find your bliss.

By Charlotte soy candles will transcend you into a dreamlike world of serene scents to truly put your mind to rest. Find your most heavenly state every single day with soy candles that are made with your wellbeing in mind. There’s beauty in every moment of your day and in every action that you make, our candles will only help to make the beauty shine.